New HOBAS Sewer Line Installed for Supermarket Chain in Romania

Projekt ID: [019014]
Ország: Romania
Város: Lugoj
Év: 2016
Beépítés: Nyílt árkos beépítés
Teljes hossz [m]: 2200
Névleges átmérő DN [mm]: 300 | 900
Külső átmérő De [mm] 324 | 924
Névleges nyomás PN [bar]: 1
Névleges gyűrűmerevség SN [N/m²]: 10000
Kulcsszó: Gravitációs szennyvízvezetékek

HOBAS CC-GRP Gravity Pipes Installed for Supermarket Chain in Romania

The supermarket chain Lidl planned to build a logistics center on the outskirts of Lugoj, a city in western Romania. The comprehensive infrastructure connected with this project also involved a new sewer line. Due to the area’s low slope, the pipeline had to feature a particularly good hydraulic performance with a hydraulic roughness of no more than 0.01 mm. In search of a material and pipe supplier capable of meeting this requirement, Lidl turned to HOBAS – and did not look any further. 

The technical experts of HOBAS Romania designed a pipe system which perfectly suited the conditions on site. It includes approximately 2200 m HOBAS GRP Gravity Pipes SN 10000 in diameters ranging from DN 300 to DN 900 as well as 12 saddles in a number of custom-tailored sizes. The installation was realized in open trench without any difficulties: Since there was no surrounding infrastructure above or below ground, works ran smoothly and were successfully completed after six months. A HOBAS Site Advisor supervised the entire construction from the first to the last pipe. The construction company SC Nipter was very impressed by the valuable support on site and the high quality of HOBAS Pipes. 

  • New HOBAS Sewer Line Installed for Supermarket Chain in Romania